What a Victory!

This is Joshua, our high school senior, after scoring the winning goal in overtime against our biggest rivals.  If we had lost the game our high hopes for this season would have ended.  

Now we are in the playoffs!!! 

Josh's tradition this year has been to point to me each time he scores.  Today, I pointed back, my eyes brimming with tears and my heart about to burst.  In my mind I kept repeating, "Thank you Jesus!"  A little background...

Each summer for the last 14 years our kids have attended Summer's Best Two Weeks, a Christian sports camp in Somerset county.  The campers range in ages from 8 to 18 and are divided into two teams, Romans and Galatians, that compete against one another throughout the term.  At the end of each competition the "winning" and "losing" teams cheer for one another.  They conclude their cheer in unison answering the question, "Who gets the glory? JESUS!!!"  

I admit I was thrilled that our boys were going to the playoffs.  And yes I am incredibly proud of Joshua for that beautiful header that won the game.  Joshua's acknowledgement brought a nearly indescribable feeling to me.  It made me wonder, how proud is our heavenly Father when we win for His kingdom?!?  I can only imagine that He smiles just as I am now.  

What a victory!!!   Who gets the glory?  JESUS!!!