I Thought Super Heroes Lived Forever

I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of young Trey Mitlo.  The youngest of Jay and Rachel Mitlo's three children, Trey's heroic, four-year battle with cancer has ended.  Jay and Rachel made the decision several years ago to endure this journey in an incredibly courageous and in quite a public way, through social media.  

Jay's website contains the above picture of Trey, affectionately and appropriately known by countless supporters as the Young Warrior.   I encourage you to visit Jay's website to learn about this amazing family.  In all honesty I do so with the hope that Jay's poignant and heart-wrenching descriptions of their journey might bring some needed perspective to you and your loved ones today.

For me, the first perspective is that life is more precious and fleeting than we ever want to admit.  After reading Jay's posts please take the time to express your love to those that matter to you. 

Secondly, and because it pertains to eternity,  most importantly, Jay and Rachel are unabashed witnesses for their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  As they mourn the loss of their beloved son, they do so with the hope of the resurrection that God's beloved Son attained for us all.  Trey lived and died loving Jesus. Jay and Rachel are enduring this heartbreaking loss with the hope of being reunited with their little superhero. They have placed their trust in Jesus.  Have you?

 This is a reunion you won't want to miss!