A New Path

It has been a long time since I sent out my weekly Our Journey Together With God.  Or has it been?   In fact, the last email went out nearly a year ago.  To me it seems like a really long time.   I guess that depends on your perspective.  

In that time I have experienced a lot.  One of the most significant things is that I left my job as a Director of Religious Education.   After more than ten years  it seemed that God was calling me out on a new adventure.  I am now working independently in a ministry called, Our Journey With God.

I have a few clients and am working on a website of the same name.   A book, God willing, may be in my future as well.   I am really enjoying the process of developing the website; although it hasn't progressed as quickly as I had planned.   I had been searching for months for the right "journey" photo for the homepage and nothing seemed to be just right.  The moment I inserted this one I knew... 

I took this photo as Maria and I journeyed this summer to Florida for a family wedding.  We had crossed the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia dozens of times but had never stopped to look at it.  Talk about a different perspective!  

My hope is that I will be sending out my weekly email again very soon.  In the meantime email me and let me know what your "Godly" perspective is about this photo.