I can be a pretty emotional person so the timing of this week's Gospel is profound in a number of ways.  If you read last week's post you know that my Father-in-law, Jack, passed away unexpectedly on January 20th. Queue the emotions!  It has been a week full of emotional ups and downs as Maria's family progressed through this challenging experience.  

Jack was laid to rest in his hometown of Coupon yesterday and we all came home to start living our lives without him.  This morning I came to realize that today, Thursday, is the day that my Share Jesus video was being sent out to thousands of people.  The interesting part of all this is that we recorded the video almost two months ago.  I knew it was for this Sunday's Gospel but I had no idea what would be going on in my life when the video was emailed.  God did!  I am grateful to Him for this "personal" reminder.

Here is the video entitled, Dealing with Anger Towards God. I pray that God speaks to you wherever you are in this moment.  Please #ShareJesus by sending this on to others and comment below about your emotional experiences with God.